Mayor Muriel Bowser 

COVID-19: Housing Information and Resources

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With any public health concern, we need to be prepared and informed about impacts coronavirus may have in our community. Stop the spread of germs and stay informed. For more information on the District Government’s preparations for impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit for the most up to date information & details.

Suspension of Evictions

The District has suspended evictions of all tenants and forclosed homeowners. Visit for the most up to date information.

Office of the Tenant Advocate

The Office of the Tenant Advocate is here to explain all of the rights and protections you have as a District tenant, including the freeze on rent increases (prohibiting rent hikes), pauses on evictions, and prohibited utility disconnections. If you have questions or concerns, visit

Residents Experiencing Homelessness

DHS provides emergency and ongoing housing support and services to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of being homeless, transition into or maintain permanent housing. Click here to view the services that they provide.

For District residents experiencing homelessness in need of a place to isolate, call the DHS COVID-19 Hotline at 202-671-3076. They will assist with setting up transportation to the District's isolation site. For questions about any DHS services and information on future changes, please contact DHS at 202-671-4200 or [email protected]

Department of Housing and Community Development

The Department of Housing and Community Development works with community-based nonprofits to provide housing counseling services and training to potential homeowners, current homeowners, and tenants. Visit their website for updates on their operating status and services during the Coronavirus emergency.

Mortgage Payment Options for Homeowners

Click here to review what banks are doing to support homeowners during this time of crisis.

We understand that this is not an exhaustive list. We are open to adding additional resources. Please email with your suggestions, [email protected]