Mayor Muriel Bowser 

Our Focus


To demonstrate the District's commitment, not only to maternal health, but also to early child development and education, Mayor Bowser launched Thrive by Five DC-- the District's first comprehensive childhood health and early learning initiative. In April 2019, Thrive by Five DC appointed Dr. Faith Gibson Hubbard as the office's first Executive Director and grew beyond its presence as an online resource hub.


Thrive by Five DC works to ensure that every family in the District is knowledgeable of and connected to programs and resources, ranging from maternal health to early childhood supports, needed not only to survive, but thrive.


To ensure a strong start in school and life for all children in the District of Columbia, Thrive by Five is guided by the following values:

  • A focus on equity and access for children and families is crucial to closing the opportunity gap.
  • Parents are their child's first teacher and most important advocate.
  • Early childhood development is about more than early learning and demands a comprehensive approach.
  • Engaged, supported, and connected communities are vital to a healthy and integrated early learning system.
  • Authentic partnerships are essential to progress and success.


We see Thrive by Five DC as an opportunity to make the connections between education, health, and human services that would result in greater outcomes for children. The goals of Thrive by Five DC include:

  • Increasing knowledge and use of resources and services among mothers and families in Washington, DC through community outreach and engagement;
  • Maintaining Thrive by Five’s online resource center to help residents navigate the city’s wide range of early health and learning resources;
  • Ensuring collaboration of partners and stakeholders implementing and investing in health and education services for families;
  • Bringing awareness and creating collective action by hosting District-wide events at the intersection of healthcare and education; and,
  • Driving progress on initiatives that improve outcomes for mothers, infants, and children through Thrive by Five Coordinating Council.



Thrive by Five's main goals include collaboration and coordination of existing efforts to address perinatal health and wellness and early childhood development and education. In order to connect the vision of Thrive by Five to work currently in action, Thrive by Five convened an advisory group of agencies and organizations that work to identify top issue areas and trends, significant gaps in the healthcare and education system that serve as barriers for families, and examples of innovation and positive outcomes at the intersection of the two systems. In addition to providing thought-partnership, the Thrive by Five working group helps to ensure that the work of the office is executed effectively.

The following organizations are represented in the Thrive by Five working group: